Meet Alex

I’m Alex Setmajer, a sustainability professional based in Portland, Oregon.


Alex’s mission in life is to do work that has a direct connection to increasing the sustainability, health and transparency of the built environment we live in along with the products and supply chains that affect communities and our natural environment globally.  She is a Sustainability Consultant and Materials Specialist at Brightworks Sustainability working on the materials efforts for Living Building Challenge projects, evaluating products in the global design standards of major businesses, LEED v4 projects, developing sustainability master plans, infrastructure sustainability projects, and bringing people together through collaborative sustainability charrettes.

In the industry, Alex volunteers as part of the International Living Future Institute’s Portland Collaborative’s Advocacy & Policy committee, working to create opportunities for Living Building Challenge projects to succeed in Portland, and serves on the Content Working Group for mindfulMATERIALS, an industry led effort to consolidate and advance product health and sustainability information into one place.

Alex has a Bachelors of Architectural Design with a focus in passive sustainable design from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and has completed additional coursework in environmental sustainability and resource management at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon

Connect with Alex on LinkedIn, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. She’d love to chat with you more, so say hello using the form below!

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