The secret is to begin

Or so my co-star app told me today. I have been feeling a strong creative bug to make something and put it out in the world lately but haven’t known where to direct it. Paint? Sew? Write? Draw? ….Rearrange all the furniture in my house? Revamp my financial plan? Cook? The last three have notContinue reading “The secret is to begin”

“Imagining the future for a brand means incorporating responsibility values into its DNA and discovering new opportunities. It means injecting creative thinking and different points of view about the past, which translate into new or renewed products… which, in turn, open up new markets, attract new customers and reduce risk throughout the entire value chainContinue reading

Good Guide; A love letter

Dear Good Guide, Thank you for existing. You’re the main consumer transparency tool I share with fellow innocent members of the public. Your app is my favorite tool to use as a consumer, because of your independent, third-party evaluations of ingredients and handy, UPC-code scanning abilities. I can’t imagine shopping without your information on a product’s ingredientContinue reading “Good Guide; A love letter”

Book Review: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming

; Toward A New Psychology of Climate Action by Per Epson Stoknes  “We need a more compassionate understanding of how our paradoxical, many-voiced psyche is responding to news of the ongoing shifts in the climate.” p 7 Those of us who are wondering WHY others don’t get the message we feel like we’re sharing loud and clearContinue reading “Book Review: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming”

What I learned from the Millennium Drought

My guest blog post for Women Leading Water, “What I learned from the Millennium Drought”, is now live! It was fun to reflect on my time living in Melbourne, Australia and what it taught me about conserving water.  Read the full post here!

Meet the LOHAS

I have been reading the book The Responsible Fashion Company: Integrating Ethics and Aesthetics in the Value Chain by Francesca Romana Rinaldi and Salvo Testa  (published 2015) this year, and one consumer description caught my attention that I felt the need to share: the LOHAS, or Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability! 

Stay Zen while packing for the holidays and other adventures

When I used to travel fairly regularly for work, packing went from a stress-laden event where I started to pack days in advance to an almost meditative process for me. Now that Halloween is behind us, the holiday travel frenzy is looming near, so here are my top tips for staying sane and keeping things sustainable while preppingContinue reading “Stay Zen while packing for the holidays and other adventures”