“The sunset– air set alight by the sinking sun– is a living field that we reciprocate with. Therefore the sunset, colors and all, is not just subjectively happening inside our heads. Rather, we’re inside it… The air and I…participate in each other to co-create this vast now.” (Stoknes, p.207)

This Vast Now is a writing collection by Alex Setmajer focused on the sustainability and transparency movement for materials and products. All content is owned and created by me, unless otherwise noted.

My goal for This Vast Now is to share my knowledge and passion for GOOD products and materials, and how they are continually getting better. To me, the GOOD is respectful of the environment and the earth’s resources, healthy for consumers and the environment, and socially conscious. And I’m not just talking about the finished product, but the full life-cycle from sourcing and supply chain practices to what happens at the end of a product’s useful life.

The title This Vast Now comes from a quote in Per Epson Stoknes’ book, What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming (above).

I welcome your comments, because after all, writing is about conversation and building  our collective knowledge. I’d love to hear what you have to say! 

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