The secret is to begin

Or so my co-star app told me today.

I have been feeling a strong creative bug to make something and put it out in the world lately but haven’t known where to direct it. Paint? Sew? Write? Draw? ….Rearrange all the furniture in my house? Revamp my financial plan? Cook? The last three have not cut it for me, so I’m diving back into writing.

The secret is to begin. The bigger secret is to keep going.

This quote applies to business sustainability and climate action as much as it applies to personal life goals.

Maybe an even bigger secret is that restarting something, picking up where you left off (even 3 years later) is ok too.

So here I am, restarting! I think the future of this blog will blend my perspectives on sustainability and climate action with more personal reflections, interests and anecdotes. This is supposed to be fun! I’m hoping to write shorter blog posts more frequently… let’s say a goal of one each month. And I’ll continue to sprinkle great quotes in between.

Hope you are all staying healthy, happy and are keeping quarantine boredom at bay.

All my best,



Published by Alex Setmajer

Sustainability professional driven to help the world continually become a more sustainable place.

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