Despite an incredibly disappointing presidential election a few weeks ago, and the tumultuous future ahead of us, there is a lot I am thankful for today in regards to sustainability. Here’s my list, what’s on yours? 

  • The millions of people who care about, support, and actively work towards improving the sustainability of our world and everything we do in our lives.
  • Local and regional governments, for their outreach and support work to improve sustainability practices within their jurisdictions, and their policies that require more sustainable practices in their area. This extends to foreign governments doing great things.
  • The water protectors currently fighting for their drinking water and sacred lands with #NoDAPL.
  • The thousands of businesses and the people within them who truly embrace sustainability as an integral and important part of their business model, respecting people, protecting the planet, while still making enough profit to continue advancing sustainability within their industry.
  • All the feminists out there. #HeforShe <<google if you don’t know what this is!

Please add what you are thankful for and hopeful for in regards to sustainability in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving, all.



Published by Alex Setmajer

Sustainability professional driven to help the world continually become a more sustainable place.

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